Applications Management Services (AMS)

Application Management Services (AMS) provide maintenance, operation, support, and systems management, meeting on-site and off-site demands, reducing costs and operational risks internal to the customer, and increasing the efficiency of the Information Technology area for contracting companies. According to the processes, we work on solving problems and carrying out the closing of incidents or service requests (adaptive or minor improvements).

Generally, incidents correspond to errors or malfunctions of some systems. In these cases, we at Megawork identify the root cause, define the solution, develop and perform the configurations and encodings, conduct tests, document, and offer support.

With the steps well defined and classified in accordance with priorities, we continually work on improving systems, aimed at service quality and cost reduction. All work takes place safely, and is held in an appropriate, controlled, and managed environment.

During the processes, customers follow our services and receive the record of all steps performed. As a result, we are available for maintenance activities and possible adjustments on demand, ensuring IT governance, such as the Change Management and Information Security processes. Everything is managed according to service levels (SLAs) and measurable performance indicators.

AMS Features

  • Services are supported by a tool that allows opening, closing, resolving, and measuring response times;
  • Model strongly based on service levels and prioritization;
  • Clearly defined processes, documented and communicated;
  • Based on service catalog;
  • Continuous improvement of service aimed at improving planning, service quality, and cost reduction.

MAMS Methodology – Megawork AMS

The methodology adopted for this service comprises a management, support, and maintenance model that is based on a set of best practices, services, and processes called MAMS (MEGAWORK Application Management Services).

  • Support – Daily support of applications;
  • Maintain – Service to correct Critical Errors;
  • Enhance – Development of small improvements.
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