Managed Services

Managed Services is a set of resources, processes, and methodologies based on best practices for software testing and maintenance.

In this model, we operate within the "on-demand" concept, where via functional specifications, we prepare and present the technical specification with the respective metrics, covering the demand term in an "end-to-end" manner (development, documentation, and unit testing). We work with the schedule synchronized with the delivery and approval of by-products.

Our model predicts the adoption of proven concepts in the technology market, such as the use of development methodologies, project management, using PMI (Project Management Institute) concepts, metrics for deadline estimation, and especially adaptation of our technology expertise to the customer's business culture.

What is it for?

  • Defined and standardized process;
  • Controlled interaction with the customer;
  • Standardized service requests;
  • Cost estimates and deadlines;
  • Strict control of the resources involved in each factory demand;
  • Qualified staff trained in organizational and productive processes;
  • Product quality control;
  • Customer service processes;
  • Control and metrics defined according to the service level requested by the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity and consequently a reduction in product costs;
  • Use of standardized processes;
  • Maximizes software production;
  • Production planning and control;
  • Creating components for oriented programming.

Applied Methodology

Applied Methodology Chart

Diagram of Software Projects

Diagram Chart


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