SAP BUSINESS all in one

A preset, economical solution, with rapid implementation

SAP Business All-in-One was designed to meet the specific needs of midsize businesses. It is a solution that provides agility and increased efficiency, allowing you to achieve a faster Return On Investment. Characterized by presets, it is highly customizable software that can meet the specific needs of each business.

Unlike other solutions on the market, SAP Business All-in-One helps to manage all functional areas, including finance, Human Resources, procurement, stock, production, logistics, product development, corporate services and even customer care, sales and marketing -- in a single customizable product. It is the best option for midsize companies seeking a broad and integrated solution for effortless management of operations from start to finish.

SAP BUSINESS all in one

With SAP Business All-in-One, your company will have:

  • Better financial management - Accelerate closures and increase the accuracy of financial reports, along with increased oversight of cash management;
  • Operational excellence - Improve efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining business processes, increasing service levels, reducing costs and errors;
  • More agility - Respond quickly to change, enhance customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition;
  • Simple, integrated processes - With ERP and CRM features integrated into SAP Business All-in-One, you can simplify and follow all processes through to completion. For example, you can use the CRM feature to create an opportunity and convert it directly into a quote, or use the ERP feature to convert a quote into a sales order that contains all information on product, pricing, billing, and delivery;
  • Improved productivity - Make rapid user adoption possible and increase productivity with a single intuitive desktop environment. The integrated features eliminate the need to manually redo data inputs between systems, save time, and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Key Benefits

  • Complete and integrated business management;
  • Fully integrated business applications;
  • Processes based on industry best practices;
  • Leverage SAP’s extensive experience in business applications.

Fast and economical implementation

  • Implementation with fixed price and schedule;
  • Preset solutions based on specific know-how and industry scenarios;
  • Significant ROI (Return On Investment).


  • Preset solutions for your business segment, designed for maximum adjustment and minimum customization;
  • Solutions that can be expanded and altered;
  • Support for specific roles and job functions;
  • SAP Partner expertise on solutions for various industry segments.

SAP Best Practices

SAP Best Practices packages provide a flexible implementation methodology, with automated activation for content to support scenarios. With these packages, you get:

  • Flexible presets that can be activated in SAP software to optimize business processes;
  • Detailed activation and setup guides;
  • Business process documentation;
  • Business process flowcharts;
  • Extensive project documentation;
  • Learning resources.


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